Art Lesson Plans

Art teachers have the desire to create creative and fun learning environments for their students to begin developing their own individual skills. Art classrooms typically are less structured than other core class subjects, but art teachers must still create detailed lesson plans to ensure a balanced curriculum for their students. When creating art lesson plans, art teachers must pay special attention to the tasks and materials sections because they are the most important sections of these plans.

Tasks. The tasks section of art lesson plans must include a detailed list of what needs to be done by students in the classroom each day. These lists should include the specific project goals and steps students must perform to complete them. In addition, steps should be included regarding the project clean up that students are responsible for. Likewise, each art room has specific procedures for clean up and for materials storage so be sure yours are listed specifically in case a substitute will be required to complete the tasks you usually perform yourself. Include as much detail as possible in this section so that if you do need to miss a day of school, your classroom will still function as if you were present.

Materials. Different art projects require different materials so you must ensure your students have the suitable supplies to complete their tasks. Including this information in your art lesson plans will help you stay organized and will also help substitutes acclimate when they must report to your classroom for duty. Use your material lists not only on a day to day basis but for your long term planning as well. Order supplies early so that you stay prepared throughout the year for your students.

Art lesson plans may seem tedious and time consuming given your creative and spontaneous spirit, but they will allow you to maintain an orderly classroom and focused approach to your discipline. Make sure you get the most from your plans by including detailed tasks and materials sections in your art lesson plans.

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