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Music lessons are a great activity for your children to become involved in. Music students learn not only about music but about having self discipline and appreciation for hard work. There are many benefits to starting your children out early with music lessons but here are some things to think about before you sign up your child for his or her first lessons whether it's an electric guitar, a tuba or a piano.

Instrument Type. You should not take the decision of what instrument your child should learn lightly. Do not just sign your child up for piano lessons because you took piano lessons when you were young or because your mother taught them herself. Instead have a discussion with your child to find out what he or she would like to learn to play the most. Begin the conversation as a hypothetical type of question so that your child can answer freely without having to worry about what you might want him or her to say. You should then discuss why your child has selected the instrument and if it is one that you are both comfortable with, you should make the decision together.

Schedule. We do more today than ever before so make sure that adding music lessons to your child's schedule won't be overloading him or her. While children should be involved in an assortment of activities, too many can overwhelm them. Kids still need time to relax and play without an itinerary, so make sure that your child can handle the music lesson schedule as well as the time he or she will invest in practicing. Find and download sheet music online to print out and you can start practicing and learning on your own.

Cost. Music lessons can be fairly inexpensive if you seek the expertise of friends or neighbors, but professional instruction can be more expensive. Make sure you pick the type of lessons that are best for your child's age and experience level so that you don't waste money when you don't have to. Also think about the cost of renting or buying an instrument. There are often programs available where you can rent to own new or used musical instruments. You may also want to consider buying a used instrument for the first few years and then you can always upgrade the quality of the item as your child matures.

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